Live Music in Cortlandt Manor NY

When was the last time you put golf and live music in Cortlandt Manor NY in the same sentence? Or, heck, the same thought even? If the answer is, ‘not lately’ or ‘never’ then we’re guessing you’ve never been to The Back 9; Indoor Golf.

And, if ‘indoor golf’ makes you think of the mini golf of yesteryear, think again. Here’s why you’ll find us so much better than the indoor golf you remember:
Our venue:

The Back Nine Indoor Golf of Westchester County, NY is the BEST source of entertainment in the area. We offer an awesome sports bar, state of-the-art golf simulation and casual dining. Our Sports Bar is open until 12am Thursday thru Saturday night. We offer a delicious selection food and mixed drinks all night long!  If that’s not enough, we have your Cortlandt Manor NY live music at least once or twice a month and Drink Specials during all major sports events! Along with our exciting sports bar, we offer a comfortable, family friendly, climate-controlled environment. We provide a place for the avid golfer to play all year round, but also offer an opportunity for the new golfer to learn and improve their game.

Them bands:
This year who knows what incredible Cortlandt Manor NY live music acts may wander in to The Back 9, Indoor Golf? Our picks throughout the year include a dizzying variety of local (and perhaps well known? Hmm…) Cortlandt Manor NY live music performances. Ooo. 

Them games:
At The Back Nine Indoor Golf, you are eligible to choose from over 40 Historic & Famous Golf Courses in one of our 6 state of the art Indoor Golf Simulators. Play your favorite courses from around the world without having to leave Westchester County!

That food:
The Back Nine, Indoor Golf regulars will surely know the magic of our delicious selection food and mixed drinks, but for any who aren’t familiar, make sure to check out one of the most exciting menus you’ll ever see associated with golf. The food lineup changes occasionally, but we’re sure it won’t disappoint.

If for some reason golf isn’t your thing and you need something other than the amazing atmosphere and the Cortlandt Manor NY live music to entice you, we also offer XBOX 360 and Nintendo WI party packages. You read that correctly, Westchester County Now has a new birthday party destination for kids (and adults) with our XBOX 360 & Nintendo Wii Battle Ground. Our BIG Screens can accommodate up to 16 players at one time for a battle royal! All-inclusive Party Packages start at just $299.

That thing you’re feeling? It’s called ‘indoor golf envy’. That’s a thing now, trust us. So rather than compulsively checking Snapchat to see what snippets your friends share before their phones die, come join us! Check out The Back Nine, Indoor Golf for yourself and make sure you’re a part of the Cortlandt Manor NY live music, the awesome food, the insane gaming, and, of course, the golf. Contact us at: 914-739 GOLF (4653) for details!









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